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“Cocoa Na Chocolate” (Video Insert)

I believe agriculture should be a way of life for everyone. Young and Old. Rich and Poor. Man and Woman. Black and White (or any shade in between).

Think about it: we can’t eat diamonds, or gold or (worse still) money, or drink oil.

Food is kinda important, don’t you think?

This page and it’s posts are designed to motivate us all to both grow our own food and especially grow organic food.

I will be posting up tips and suggestions on how to start and maintain a vegetable backyard garden, and you will be seeing my efforts in that direction (the good, the bad and “wince” definitely the ugly). I will try and be as engaging as possible and I really look forward to comments, suggestions and encouragement from people who will be motivated to start the same journey on their own.

Think about it: Any food you grow yourself, is food you don’t have to pay for, or buy.  That translates literally into money in your pocket!

Below is a beautiful video I came across, entitled “Cocoa na chocolate”. (This, in standard English, means “Cocoa is also chocolate”).

Motivating a farming movement in Africa, this is’s awesome music video, featuring a number of Africa’s top music stars.

Enjoy it, as much as I did.

And as they say: “Do Agric, It pays”

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