Our Salt

As the marketing partner for Crown Sea Salt Ltd (https://crownseasaltgh.com or http://amuahjohn.wix.com/crown-sea-salt-ghana), we are proud to offer 100% natural sea salt  to our customers.

Originating from the Atlantic coast of Ghana, West Africa, this salt is produced using centuries old salt production methods, which have been modernised to increase efficiency, quality and productivity, without sacrificing in any manner, the natural attribute of the salt so produced.

A gourmet salt, it consists of trace minerals found in the seawater and has significantly less sodium chloride than processed table/refined salt.

We are currently looking at acceptable packaging to use (we hate plastics with a passion!) and will welcome any suggestions that may come up from you. Until then, we currently package in bulk, in 25kg and 50kg PPE sacks (reusable).


Watch this space for more information, as it becomes available.

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