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Where to Buy Organic/Natural Coconut Oil

Updated: September 22, 2018

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been inundated with requests on where we buy our coconut oil from.

As it is our aim to make sure that we recommend ONLY the  products that we as a family use or have tested and are confident with, here goes:

Not all coconut oil is created equal

We have come across so many different types. Some good, some bad and some (sigh! cliché!) very ugly.

In our search, we have found some processors that extract with very high heat. Invariably, this oil is a deep golden yellow and has a strong, overpowering coconut aroma when cooking with it or in the bottle.  I wouldn’t recommend this, except if that is the only oil available.

A second type, is oil that has been processed from partially fermented coconut oil or has not had all the water contained in it, removed. This is a low quality oil and also has a very strong scent.  It can be found quite often in the local markets.

Then, there is the oil that is extracted either through a process called cold press or using relatively low heat.  This oil is quite or very clear (almost as clear as water).

In cold pressing, the oil is obtained through pressing and grinding fruit or seeds with the use of heavy granite millstones or modern stainless steel presses, which are found in large commercial operations. The pressing and grinding produces heat through friction, but the temperature usually doesn’t go higher than 49°C (120°F) . Although they retain all of their flavor, aroma, and nutritional value, the aroma is not overpowering.  Cold pressed oil is quite expensive due to the relatively lower volumes extracted and the considered high purity.

There are a number of good sources we have come across here in Ghana. The first one we purchased, was named “Makola“.  It is an excellent product, even though a little pricey and for some reason, not so widely available. As far as we could gauge, it looked cold pressed, but we are yet to confirm the exact extraction method used.  We are working on getting a relationship with the manufacturer, so we can offer it to our readers at a discounted price.  Still in the works.

Now, we bottle our own ORGANIC, VIRGIN, COLD-PRESSED coconut oil, under our company name: “FarmerJohn Organics Coconut Oil.”

Certified organic, our cold-pressed, virgin, coconut oil is produced from monitored farms in the Western Region of Ghana and extracted under strict guidelines to meet international organic (USDA and EU) certification requirements.

It is that good!

So contact us for your genuine,  100% natural and organic cold-pressed coconut oil.

Packed in 1 litre bottles for now, you are assured of the quality.





For those outside Ghana, I have seen a great collection of organic natural coconut oils, here (please click on the link and spoil yourself for choice. And yes, I do earn a small commission on what you buy, but that will not affect the price you pay. Scout’s Honour!).

So, join our mailing list today and start benefiting immediately! No spamming and the posts aside from such offers, will be quite few and far in between.

Again, if you are outside Ghana (the USA, etc), click here on this link for nearby choices of organic, natural coconut oil.

We will be updating this and other recommended posts on products we find, as we check them out before putting the up here.

In our next posts, we will list the numerous health benefits of coconut oil. More than we had done in the first post here.

Stay tuned…..

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